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Classic method, new stories.

Organic sparkling wines from the Marche

History: our grandfather, our land, our love.

We the Cossignani family have been cultivating our land with love and devotion since the 1800s. But it was in the 1950s – thanks to our grandfather Nonno Saturnino – that we embarked upon a small, but grand revolution. Staying true to the landscape while looking to the future, we introduced high-density vines and permanent row grassing. This way, we were able to minimise soil erosion. Day in day out, for more than 70 years, we have been committed to creating a unique product, while preserving our land’s ecosystem.

"When a glass of wine is shared together may love and song live on forever."

L for Letizia Cossignani – Born in 1992, Letizia is the creative and eclectic heart of the company. Not even her Science diploma or Law studies could tear her away from her immense passion for winegrowing. She is most in her element while at the family vineyards. This is her natural habitat. For years, she has been entirely committed to the Company and Winery project together with her brother Edoardo. One of her many successes is gaining her Sommelier Diploma.
E for Edoardo Cossignani – Born in 1988, Edoardo embodies the family’s original revolutionary spirit. A former Navy officer who has rediscovered what he holds most dear: the land. His natural instinct has led him to explore to new horizons. Edoardo’s heart is split between the family tradition and the drive for innovation, both being the Winery’s real driving force.


Edoardo and Letizia’s conviction lies in every aspect of the company: from the logo to the packaging, the name and the colours, right through to the last bubble in every glass. Time is what underpins the project: like everything good in life, our much-coveted bottle of Metodo Classico is definitely worth the wait. And time is also the most precious resource which Edoardo and Letizia are investing in the production of this unique and extraordinary idea. This philosophy is embodied in a mythical logo, with ancient roots but a contemporary spirit, and a sophisticated yet simple name.

The Metodo Classico sparkling wine is the perfect fusion of Art and Science to create a unique and unparalleled product.

Blanc de Blancs

This is our organic Metodo Classico sparkling white wine. We grow this wine at an average altitude of 200m above sea level. Blanc de Blancs has a straw yellow colour bright with a soft foam and a delicate, long-lasting bead of bubbles. Fruity notes of Sibillini pink apple come together for a dry and bold palate.



Average yield per hectare



Second ten days in August
L_E_TEMPO_confezione legno_blanc_de_blanc
Cossignani_L_E_TEMPO_confezione legno_rose


This is our organic Metodo Classico sparkling rosé wine. We grow this wine at an average altitude of 200m above sea level. Rosé is delicate pink with a long-lasting bead of fine bubbles. Notes of Marasca cheery, pomegranate, wild green plum and hints of rose come together for a smooth and fresh palate.


Arenaria Calcarea

Average yield per hectare



Second ten days in August

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